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How Does the Internet Really Work?

Let's explore how the Internet works together!

February 2019 / Start my first free online webmaster class

Let's explore how does the Internet work together!

Would you like to hone your web skills and talk to clients about creating outstanding and high-performing websites? 

If so, then you’ll have to learn more than just how to navigate the Internet. You’ll need to know how it works! 

Let’s face it, the Internet is everywhere

Because of the tremendous boom of the Internet over the years, having a basic understanding of how it works is paramount.

Especially if you are a web professional hoping to create a successful website for yourself or a client. 

Throughout this text, we will explain the framework of the Internet from beginning to end, so you can start preparing for the webmaster course and expand your skill set for future use.

How Does The Internet Work?

Consistent media and messaging

Before we can even dive into the question of, how does the Internet work, let’s first take a look at the hardware that supports it.

How does the Internet hardware work?

When we talk about hardware, we are talking about the cables that connect to your computer and carry information from one hard drive to the next. 

Along with cables you have routers, servers, cell towers, satellites, radios, smartphones, and more devices. All of these devices create one large network! 

Another factor that must be taken into consideration when we ask ourselves how does the Internet work, is that the Internet is ever-changing. 

Every time something is added to or removed from a network the Internet is transformed in some way.

What are Internet Protocols?

Internet Protocols are the rules that devices follow to get tasks completed. 

Seamless communication between computers connected to the Internet couldn’t happen without the proper protocols in place. 

Like humans, machines wouldn’t understand each other without clearly mapped out guidelines. 

Protocols allow devices to understand one another and co-exist. 

Consistent media and messaging

There are a few protocols that every machine must follow when answering the question about how does the Internet work: 

 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol: 
This is what is used to view websites over a secure browser.   

- Transmission Control Protocol & Internet Protocol: These two protocols are usually grouped together. They are often listed as TCP/IP. They determine how information travels through the Internet.

What is Internet address?

Every computer in the world that’s connected to the Internet must contain an Internet address of its own. 

These addresses are referred to as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. 

IP addresses follow the format nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn. With this format in place, nnn must represent a number from 0-255. 

If your particular computer is connected to the Internet using an Internet service provider, you may be assigned a temporary IP address. 

Consistent media and messaging

However, if you connect through a local area network, your computer may already possess its own IP address.

IP V4 is the most popular version of the IP address used today. 

However, in order to prevent running out of IP addresses, The Internet Engineering Task Force created the IP V6.

How does information travel online?

When messages are sent or retrieved from one computer to the next, they pass through the TCP/IP protocols. 

Your information request will then travel through the domain name servers to locate your target server. 

Once the target server receives your request, it will return a response to your personal computer. 

Servers respond to a computer’s request by sending files of information in packets. 

Information packets contain between 1,000 to 1,5000 bytes. 

Consistent media and messaging

These packets connect with other packets to create one large file of Internet information. 

When complete packets finally arrive to your computer, your device will arrange them according to the proper Internet protocols.

How are secure websites created?

When we ask, how does the Internet work, we must consider cybersecurity. 

Of course, with all of the available information online, cybersecurity is something that isn’t taken lightly. 

Luckily, most web hosting services and the like come complete with SSL certificates and online security systems in place to keep Internet connections secure. 

When it comes to e-commerce business and websites that allow you to make direct transactions, you’ll need the peace of mind of knowing that your data is protected.

Consistent media and messaging

For this reason, it’s best to hire the services of a secure web hosting team. 

You can utilize dopweb website builder which creates already secure websites.

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