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How to Create a Successful Website?

There are many elements that affect the success of a website!

February 2019 / Start my first free online webmaster class

Consistent media and messaging

A success of your website can really change a path that your business will take. 

As more people start to rely on the Internet for information about almost everything, the first encounter they have with a business is often a website.

How Do You Make Sure Your Website is Successful?


The webmaster course offered by dopweb will describe in detail what steps are necessary to take to get to the desired level of performance.

Successful website checklist

First, there is a technical checklist that has to be completed to achieve a successful website. 

For instance, your website security will matter! 

Not just for your visitors’ peace of mind, but also for search engines making sure that they expose their users with only the best most secure websites. 

Therefore, receiving an SSL Certificate should be on top of your list. 

Of course, large corporations will have to be more cautious about their online data, as there are many other security concerns we won’t be talking about here. 

Find a good domain name

You may think any domain name would do if you can get people to remember it. 

The problem is that people won’t remember it, unless it’s perfect! 

The domain name should be: 

 - Short 

 - Memorable 

 - Include a keyword 

 - Avoid symbols   

Successful website planning

To start you need a strategy! 

What’s the goal of your website? It is important to have a clear vision about what you are creating. Having a clear goal will make creative decisions much easier.

Do you want your visitors to engage with the website? If so, you have to plan how you are going to achieve this goal. 

You can do so by making the website interactive, or you can choose to create interesting and catchy content. 

Here, you would consider demographics and characteristics of your audience. They may prefer to receive information through written content. 

What if they are young? The chances are their attention span is short and you need to appeal to them with more graphic design and something they can actually engage with.

Short videos are often a good way to interact with your audience, but the videos have to be done in a professional manner, not to leave a bad image of your brand. 

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Brand image and success of a website

Your brand image is going to be an important detail of your digital marketing strategy. 

The mission here is to find fit between the brand’s image and the website. You must follow the same style not to confuse your customers. 

If you have a retail store and you are just starting your online presence, you have to make sure your website is representative of your store. 

Luxurious brands, such as Gucci, Miu Miu, Fendi, have done their best to create a luxurious shopping experience online.  

Your website must stand out to be successful

The Internet became a medium used all over the world by everyone, followed by advertisers trying to catch the attention of the users. 

Now it is a busy environment full of ads everywhere. Your successful website needs to stand out in this crowded space!

Consistent media and messaging

All of the following will matter for website success: 

 - First encounter with the website
 - Each element seen on a web page 
 - User experience and the ease of navigation 
 - Logo
 - Good content
 - Graphic Design
 - “About Us” page 
 - Much more 

A successful website contains engaging content

On the back end of the website development, you need to write content with keywords that will make finding your website easier for your audience. 

Once they have arrived on your site, your job is to make them engage with it for an extended period of time even if they don’t spend money. 

Why do you care if they stay? Well, search engines do. That’s how a search engine can tell whether your content is actually relevant and interesting. 

Another reason is because those people are likely to tell their friends about your successful website and bring you more leads and traffic. 

It is important to always remember that you need to create relationships with your visitors. 

Creating experiences online are not easy, but they will increase positive emotional associations with your website.

Fast loading websites

Do you like when you click a link and then have to wait forever for it to load?! No, nobody does! 

Another very high impact on website success is made by its loading speed. 

A bounce rate from a website in the highest when it takes more than a couple seconds to load. 

Imagine you are looking for a service online and, when you find one, you can’t even open it to read. It’s very frustrating… 

Would you wait for it to load or go to another site and forget about it? Majority of people just leave. 

Consistent media and messaging

Long loading times leave a really bad impression on business's professionalism. 

The dopweb website builder, that you will be using when you become a certified webmaster, creates only fast loading websites, that significantly improves user experience.

How to become a successful website creator?

Today’s web industry standards are really high, so one must know how the Internet works and has changed over time to create a successful website, that will be representative of the next big trend.

You must really gain more knowledge about the web and become truly educated on the topic such as website development, content creation, SEO and much more to create a successful website. 

We created the webmaster class to be able to go more into detail on how each part of a website should be handled. 

The course will best prepare you for the webmaster test and grant you with a webmaster certification, so you can take all of your knowledge and turn it into a money making machine.
Meanwhile we will give you access to a website builder, developed by dopweb, that makes creation of successful websites easier than ever before.

How will you create a successful website?

You will be trained on the process of creation of websites and their management. 

There are a number of the website builder benefits that you will be able to take advantage of. 

The website builder comes equipped with new web technology that allows it to create websites that are: 

- AMP - turbo loading speed 

- Only high performing - rank high on all audit variables 

- Mobile & desktop responsive - for viewing and also for editing 

- SEO ready - get ready to join the web hot 

- Secure - never worry about cybersecurity 

Consistent media and messaging

This amazing website builder makes creating successful websites unbelievably easy. 

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