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Take a Webmaster Course

Take the free online course and sign up for a webmaster test to become a certified webmaster.

February 2019 / Start the online course

Are you interested in taking a webmaster course?

Here at dopweb, a web agency based in Los Angeles, CA, we make becoming a webmaster simple. 

Our free online webmaster course will get you ready for your new career.

After you have learned theoretical and practical aspects of being a great webmaster, you will need to sign up for a test date to receive an official webmaster certificate.

Are You Interested in Learning How to Create a Website Fast?

Consistent media and messaging

If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

dopweb webmaster course will not only help you learn how to create, but also how to manage websites. 

Do you have no experience programming or managing a website? No problem! 

There is no reason to stress, we don’t have any prerequisites to take the course. 

We believe that with the right amount of training and effort you will be able to carry the webmaster title with pride. 

We have all of the necessary information for you to become the best at what will become your profession. 

As a webmaster you will be able to choose when you work and become your own boss

Our incentive is not only to train you for your own advancement in the professional field, but also to prepare you to become our long-lasting partner. 

We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Website management process

During the webmaster course, our highly skilled team of professionals will teach you all that you need to know about using our amazing website builder

We will show you how to build better sites and manage their day-to-day activities. 

The creation of a website is just the beginning. Continuous work is required to maintain it and keep it relevant and up-to-date. 

This applies to the audience as well as the search engines that value consistently, updated content, and more.  

Consistent media and messaging

Who is your audience and how do you convince them to look at this beautiful website you've created? 

You will learn how to answer this question after taking the webmaster course. 

For now, you should know that a website requires continuous work and constant improvement. 

There is no point in time when a website is fully complete. SEO, for example, is updated month-to-month until… forever.

Webmaster course goal

For someone without webmaster course training, it may be difficult to manage their own web page. 

It is hard to find the right information online and filter through a lot of irrelevant content, just to find what you are looking for. 

Even then, often it is hard to apply theories to the real world situations. 

This is why our on-going mission is to train you during the webmaster course, while closely working with the dopweb website builder. 

You will learn exactly how to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired. 

Once again, it is our goal to shape you to become our partner, so let’s work together!

Gain lifelong web development skills

Along with learning how to build and manage a website, you’ll gain a slew of knowledge that you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

The Internet is everywhere, and wherever you look, someone needs to create a website or improve its performance. 

You, of course, will know everything there is to know after taking the webmaster course. 

The webmaster course will expand your skill set and make you a more qualified candidate for any position in your future.

Consistent media and messaging

Are you still thinking, why take a webmaster course at dopweb? 

As a student that has taken our amazing webmaster course, you’ll have full access to our course materials, learn useful tips for successfully completing your webmaster test, and earn your dopweb webmaster certification

As a webmaster, you will need to collect a set of knowledge, that will best prepare you for your new job. This is exactly what the webmaster course will get you ready for.

What Will You Learn in the Webmaster Course?

Internet and web development industry

First, you will learn how does the Internet really work and its components. 

You need to have basic knowledge of the World Wide Web to understand how its components work together and what category websites fall under. 

Today, every business is required to have a website. Without one it is difficult to survive in the highly competitive environment.  

When and how has having an online presence significantly changed the business world? 

Consistent media and messaging

When you take the webmaster course, we’ll make sure you are educated about the web industry and can answer this question. We will make you a professional in this new field. 

Knowing the website development industry you will understand how the dopweb website builder benefits will improve your professional work. 

Why take webmaster course at dopweb?

In comparison to our competition, we pride ourselves in using the newest web technology available today! 

Here are some advantages that make dopweb stand out, that you will learn more about in the webmaster course: 

- High speed due to AMP templates 
- Ability to create and edit a website on any device, using any operating system, and a browser of your choice
- High performance and SEO friendliness
- No coding required 

About dopweb and our mission

We bridge the gap between programming and everyone, who wants to take advantage of the technology, but can not. 

We also recognize that there is another gap - difficulty with a computer interface. Computing systems are challenging even on the user end of the Internet. 

That's why we build the website builder to be intuitive and easy to use with everything you will need located on the platform.

We also provide with courses dedicated to spreading the knowledge on how to succeed using it.

Take the webmaster course

You will learn: 

 - what it takes to make a successful website 

 - how to create a website 

 - how to manage a website 

 - what tools to use and where to access them 

 - how to bring traffic to the website

 - and much more...

Take the Webmaster Course and Make Money Fast!

Consistent media and messaging

We understand that it's not always easy to find time to learn something new, but here you can start making money fast. 

Think about it! You can learn a new skill for free, pass one test, and then get as many clients as you desire or fits in your schedule. 

The webmaster course will even teach you how to get new clients!

Learn about talking to clients

Human interaction is one of the biggest challenges that we face every day. Its mystery is yet to be solved.

In the webmaster course we will concentrate on how to effectively talk to clients, as follows: 

 - how to listen to clients to learn about their preferences 

 - how to avoid miscommunication 

 - how to persuade your clients 

 - how to suggest what's best for the clients 

 - how to make sure you are on the same page 

Your clients will have different views and opinions, and will be prepared with knowledge based on facts and the industry!

If you are interested in graphic design or digital marketing, taking dopweb Academy courses in these subjects will further expand your knowledge and talking points. 

Web development trends

In the webmaster course, we will teach you about the website development industry and how it got to where it is today. 

When you take the webmaster course, you will also learn about emerging styles and changes occurring in the fast-moving industry. 

Studying web industry standards and trends will enrich your expertise in the field. 

You’ll have all the skills it takes to put together great website components and become a certified webmaster

Start Now

Our students can feel confident knowing that with us they’ll be taught valuable information, that will help them make money right away

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! 

Start the webmaster course today, to take action towards a lucrative and rewarding career as a webmaster!