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Pass the Webmaster Test

After completion of the webmaster course, sign up for a webmaster test to obtain your webmaster certification.

February 2019 / Sign up for a webmaster test

Webmaster test goal

The test was designed to determine whether you have benefited from the course to a substantial level to be eligible to receive a webmaster certification

Every student will be required to pass the webmaster test to successfully complete the program and become a certified webmaster.  

This page contains all of the necessary information to best prepare for the test and what you will be tested on as a webmaster.  

How to Prepare for the Webmaster Test?

Take dopweb Academy webmaster course online

The test was created to test the knowledge on concepts and training provided during the webmaster course.

The fastest and easiest way to prepare for the test is taking the webmaster course. 

You will only be tested on information provided in the course with no exceptions.  

The will not be testing you on exact dates and details, however understand of industry terminology is a must, so you can expect that to come up on the test. 

Parts of the webmaster test

The webmaster test will contain two parts:

1. Theoretical test

This part will include knowledge of terminology and concepts discussed in the course.

2. Practical test

The practical test will be scored based on your ability to utilize the dopweb website builder and create appealing eye-catching websites. 

Theoretical knowledge assessment

This part of the webmaster test will only take one hour. 

We will be using a multiple choice test that you will take at the dopweb Academy. 
A visit is a must. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Don't worry, the answers will never be tricky. They will have an obvious correct answer, which will further strengthen your knowledge about the web due to expose to it one more time at the testing.

We want you to walk away with new insights into the website development industry and confidence that you can make the right judgement about web industry standards and trends to create successful websites.

You will be tested on the following topics: 
- How does the Internet really work 
- How to plan a website
- How to effectively talk to clients
- What makes a website successful
- How to manage a website

- What are website builder benefits

You will also be tested on the meaning of some of the following terminologies:

- domain name
- web hosting
- SSL Certificate
- Responsiveness
- User Experience

You may not know all of these terms today, but after discussing them as a part of the course and getting hands-on experience with the amazing website builder, you will become a pro in no time.

Practical webmaster test

After completing the theoretical part, you will get started with another hour of website creation.

Due to the webmaster test time limit, you will only be asked to complete a home page and appropriately link the navbar to blank web pages that you will create. 

We want to make sure that you've mastered the website builder and understand how the content needs to be created. For this, you will be asked to use keywords in your titles and throughout the test. 

Consistent media and messaging

 You will also be asked to write a description for search engines, so people that search for relevant content could easily find your site online. 

After the webmaster test

With a tool such as the website builder, you will have access to creating websites for anyone and anywhere. 

By assessing you knowledge with the webmaster test, we will make sure you know how to best take advantage of the builder in you future career. 

After you have successfully passed the test you will be granted with an official dopweb webmaster certification.

If for some reason you were unable to pass the test, you can always retake it in the future, so don't be discouraged!

We care about your career advancement, and we hope that you will become a partner for life with dopweb.

After you have passed the webmaster test, you will start to take on your clients and become your own boss

The Internet is everywhere, so you'll have no trouble finding people that need a webmaster. 

During the webmaster course you will be taught how to analyze websites, this will help you start with those individuals who you personally know with low-performing websites.

If you feel passionate about graphic design or digital marketing, or possibly you'd like to expand your skill set a bit further, take a look at other courses offered by dopweb Academy.

Pass the webmaster test

Today you have a unique opportunity to take a course online and pass a webmaster test at your convenience.

Even better, the certificate you gain will allow you to partner with dopweb!

This is your chance for personal growth and a new career. 

Just pass the webmaster test and it will open new doors you never knew about!

Attend the webmaster course now and sign up for the webmaster test!