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What Are Web Industry Standards and Trends?

In the world of web design, the standards remain the same but the trends are always evolving.

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Consistent media and messaging

If you want to become a certified webmaster, you’ll have to learn to keep up or get left behind. 

Whether you have immense knowledge of the web or fairly new to the arena, this article will provide you with the valuable information you need to build a successful website. 

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Popular Website Development Industry Trends

Industry trends and responsive design

Though it’s not a new trend, responsive design is a concept that isn’t going away. 

With the rise of mobile devices being used as the primary way we search the web and access to Internet everywhere, responsive design is needed more than ever.

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Consistent media and messaging

If a website is not responsive visitors will not stay on the website for very long. 

The more visitors leave a website, the lower their SEO ranking will become. 

If you’re looking to create a successful website, it’s in your best interest to ensure that each website you create has a responsive web design.

New web industry trend - chatbot

Have you noticed that while visiting certain websites, you’ll see a little chat box pop up in the right corner of your screen? 

This little chat box allows you to connect to the company’s representative. 

Any user that has a question, comment, or concern about a company’s products or services is invited to speak to the representative. 

Unfortunately, having someone there to answer questions in real time isn’t always attainable for companies. That is why most businesses implement the use of a chatbot! 

Consistent media and messaging

A chatbot can be programmed to talk to clients and answer frequently asked questions. 

If a user asks a question that the chatbot hasn’t been programmed to answer, it can still provide them with detailed information on where they can go to find the solutions they need. 

Chatbots may not be great for every website, but if your website sees lots of traffic and you receive tons of questions from curious users, chatbots can come in handy.

Graphic design & animation

Another popular trend today is incorporation of animation into websites. 

With wonderful animation and brilliant graphic design options, your website will become vibrant and engaging. 

Great animation and graphic design will pull the reader in and encourage them to take action. 

Not only does animation make a website more fun, it also adds a touch of personality that visitors will appreciate. 

Want to Explore More Popular Web Industry Trends?

Try Microinteractions

Microinteractions have become hotter than hot in the web industry. 

Have you ever scrolled on a screen and noticed a pop-up animation or a website that changes when you place your cursor in a certain place on the screen? 

These are microinteractions. They take user engagement to a whole new level. 

These interactions are becoming more and more popular around the World Wide Web.

Placing this technique in your web programming arsenal would greatly expand your skill set and help you to create websites that are fun and innovative. 

Original illustrations as a new web industry trend

Sure you could use stock photography for the images in your website. 

However, many business owners are now choosing to go the route of original illustrations. Why? Because they are the wave of the future.

Original illustrations make for great user engagement and great entertainment for all of your visitors. 

Not only will original illustrations be a part of great web design, but they’ll also allow you to get creative with your digital marketing strategy.

Social proofing as a new trend

Tons of businesses today are jumping on the social proof bandwagon. These days it all comes down to is online social footprint. 

This is when companies use social evidence of real satisfied customers as a part of their advertising efforts. 

But what is social proof? For instance, a real-life customer could take a picture with her favorite item from a particular business and that serves as social proof. 

Social proof could even include testimonials from other customers or logos from companies that your business works with.

Round edges in web design

For years, websites have been all about squared off boxes and scroll bars. 

However, web developers and experts have made the move to rounded edges. 

This creates a soft and modern design that your website visitors will appreciate. 

Though this trend hasn’t replaced sharp edges all together, it’s quickly becoming an industry norm.

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Web industry standards and trends summarized

The internet is always changing and growing. Because of this its best to seize the opportunity while you can. 

When constructing a successful website, you’ll want to be in touch with the hottest trends on the web.

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